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Recently I’ve been experimenting with tactics for generating engagement on Facebook. Most of the businesses or products I am a fan of use their pages for pushing out announcements. Judging by the activity on those pages, you can tell that the administrators aren’t reading replies or really caring at all what their fans have to say. At all.

So yesterday, mostly on a whim, I decided to try something new to generate conversation. It started with a Fill in the blank style question where fans of a popular page were asked to fill in the blank with their must see places to visit in their state.

Within a few minutes, the responses started to come in. Hours later, there were over 100 tips for places to go visit.

Asking questions is a great way to crowdsource social media. These fan recommended destinations will become the basis of articles, videos, maps and itineraries or potentially other interesting visualizations that can be re-shared on Facebook or perhaps other third party web sites.

Not only will your fans appreciate being included in the conversation, they will love to see their recommendations up in lights when you turn them into something great.

Facebook Redesigning Home Page:

Mashable has a great write up of an impending Facebook Home Page redesign. They’ve got some screenshots of the new layout, presumably from a beta tester or from a Facebook employee. Long time users of the site will see this as old hat, as Facebook is always tinkering with their site design.

Of particular interest to me was the new location of the search box, moved from the extreme top right of the page to being more centered over the News Feed content.

One of the things I hear most when training people on how to use Facebook as a marketing vehicle for their business is that they aren’t aware of all the various things you can find on the site (particularly, application to install on your page) with the search box.

Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that Facebook is changing the Live Feed and News Feed views, another contributor to confusion on the site. While it may seem obvious, I can’t tell you how many people complain that they are seeing updates only from a select few and why they aren’t in real-time. Because the default feed view is the News Feed, which aggregates the most popular content from your friends, many are confused. This doesn’t seem to be addressed in the redesign.





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