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As a gamer, I was already familiar with Vivox. They are the guys who bring voice chat to many online games on the PC. Through my association with Game breaker, a new video game news podcast, I got a chance to test out Vivox Voice application for Facebook. Vivox Voice is incredibly easy to use and the sound quality is excellent. I think that voice is the next great frontier for Facebook chat so I’m thrilled to be able to share some of what I’ve learned about Vivox.

Jennifer Frkanec, Director of Marketing at Vivox agreed to answer some of my questions about their new Facebook voice application, as well as provide some insight into where it’s headed and how it might help marketers trying to reach customers over the Facebook platform.

Why did Vivox decide to bring its already established voice chat technology to Facebook?

Vivox has a long history of bringing voice to communities, earlier this year we began developing our Web Voice solution, and the team was bursting with ideas on how to put it to use. A lot of the staff uses Facebook and knew it needed a way to simply talk with friends. We started to tinker and here we are today. We are thrilled with the take up and interest from the Facebook community, people want a deeper connection than leaving notes for each other

What were some of the challenges involved with bringing Vivox into Facebook’s platform?

Honestly, I cannot really think of any challenges we had. The Facebook API’s are easy to work with and synced up nicely with Web Voice. Says something for our solution, naturally, but also about the flexibility and strength of the Facebook platform in connecting people when and with whom they want.

What has the response been to the Vivox Voice application on Facebook? Can you share any metrics on usage or adoption?

The response has been great! Metrics wise – we surpassed Skype as the #1 voice app on Facebook a few days ago…we like that metric.

We have had people using the application all over the globe and reaching out to us with stories of how they are using it – direct conversations, family reunions, business meetings, language learning, bands doing fan meets on Facebook, fantasy sports chats, book club sessions and games. More and more use cases keep coming in and we love it!

Two quick stories that have happened recently: A high school friend of mine who now lives in Australia was talking with a friend in Florida – she IMed me to tell me how great the quality was and that they were about to pull in a friend in Spain! They loved how easy it was to see people and connect live and the quality.

And just this week a client of ours, Hi-Rez Studios, who are launching a new MMO game, Global Agenda, in early 2010 hosted a developer chat in their Vivox Voice room on Facebook. They had over 100 people show up to listen to the devs talk about the game and answer questions from players. It was great! Because our room size is presently maxed at 100 on Facebook we had people camping out in the channel a week in advance to secure their spot! Two hours before the event the room was 75% full and the conversation was going very well self-moderated. We got great feedback on the event and want for more from both the players and the game studio.

We are having great fun hearing the stories for use and it keeps us innovating to make the app even better.

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